How to rent a motorcycle in Cape Town

Steps to renting a motorcycle from Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals Cape Town

Enquiring and booking your rental bike:

  1. Choose Your Bike.
  2. Submit an Enquiry or contact us directly.
  3. Receive your quotation and Client Information Form.
  4. Confirm Your booking and reply with your completed Client Information Form, a copy of your ID/ Passport and Driver’s License to Harley-Davidson® Cape Town Authorized Rentals.

Collecting your rental motorcycle:

  1. Once you arrive to collect your bike. Present your ID/ Passport, Driver License and Credit Card to our friendly staff.
  2. An imprint is made of your credit card for security purposes.
  3. Your card is swiped for the deposit value of your rental. (The deposit amount is simply held by your bank, but does not leave your bank account. It will be release back to you once the bike is returned in good condition.)
  4. Your card is swiped again for the bike rental amount, plus any additional items that you may decide to hire with the bike.
  5. The final rental contract / Invoice is signed.
  6. A thorough inspection of your rental bike is done by both yourself and our friendly representative.
  7. The Inspection sheet is signed to confirm the condition of the motorcycle as it is handed over to you.
  8. Our friendly representative will now run through the finer details of how your bike works, fuel type as well as any questions that you may have.
  9. Assuming everything is in order, you may now begin your tour with your selected Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Bike.

What are the minimum requirements to rent a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in Cape Town?

Before hiring a motorcycle, it is important that you have the following information available.

  • A valid Identity document (ID) or passport
  • A valid motorcycle drivers license
  • A credit card (Master / Visa only)

Additional Information - FAQ's

EFT is welcome for rental payments. However, a credit card will be required for the rental deposit.

The highest octane fuel / gas available and must be Unleaded. Our representative will notify you should this change.

Our staff are super friendly and would love to help with all of your questions. Ask away via our contact form below or pop into our branch to chat to us directly.

Choosing a bike for a week long tour versus choosing one for a weekend getaway or quick trip down to Camps Bay or the wine lands, is not as simple as just picking one because it looks good…

Contact us and let our staff help you to decide which Harley-Davidson® will give you the best experience on your trip.